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Visier SPEEDmask Vautron automatic Visier SPEEDmask Vautron automatic
VAUTRONautomatic lenses: Automatic adaption to changing light condition Contrast intensifying Cristal clear visibility Hydrophobic coating Very efficient eye protection against draughts, sun and insects Impressive panoramic view, without...
€119.95 *
winter set MTB.E/ E.MOTION winter set MTB.E/ E.MOTION
Winterset warming earpads that are easily pinned into the helmet models Urbanic, MTB.E., MTBE 2., E.Motion 2
€24.95 *
winterkit for Nori/Choice/Mini2 new winterkit for Nori/Choice/Mini2 new
Cuddly ear warmers for the cold season - just plug in - done! Fits the CASCO helmet models Nori new / Choice new and Mini 2 (from the date of production 08/2018). Available in sizes XS and S.
€19.95 *
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