Looking for a hairy best buddy for life?

Looking for a hairy best buddy for life? 

Then keep checking out our Instagram page 112fuertiere ! Here we constantly introduce dogs from our dog shelter that are hoping for a home & family of their own.Sometimes it's love at first sight - and sometimes it takes a second or third glance :-). Adopt, don't shop. 

112 für Tiere is a non-profit dog shelter, looking after the well-being of the street dogs in Satu Mare, Romania. In Romania animals often suffer greatly due to being neglected or not treated well. For many years our organization has worked towards the goal of reducing the number of street dogs.

Every dog in our shelter have their own space where they have the opportunity to retreat. The first thing is always a visit to the vet for a check-up or any necessary treatments. Also, all of our dogs are castrated. We have big green spaces in order to ensure all of our dogs have enough space to move around. During the summer big dog ponds offer a nice routine change and are perfect for cooling down. At our shelter we cook daily, that allows us to cater to the needs of sensitive or allergic dogs. Our shelter volunteers make time every day in order to care for every dogs’ individual needs. This includes, feeding, play times, cuddles, grooming as well as leash training.

Even though our dogs receive everything they need, a dog shelter cannot replace a proper home and family. That is why we are trying to find a proper home for all of our dogs. Regarding adoptions we pay a lot of attention into what kind of home and family a dog gets adopted to. Most of our dogs have found their new homes in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. We always make sure to be present when our dogs meet their new family and therefore can be reassured that they are going to be getting a nice new home.

We are happy to answer further questions about the dogs and adoption via Insta message or by email to info@casco-helme.de

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