Frequent asked Questions

What distinguishes a CASCO riding helmet?

Casco riding helmets have an unmistakable, modern design, offer a lot of comfort, a very good helmet climate and above all, a lot of safety. Practical detailed solutions and clever accessories not only make the rider look stylish, but also enjoy his high-quality CASCO riding helmet for a long time. CASCO riding helmets are manufactured in-house in Europe.

What helmet size do I have?

The appropriate size is always based on the head circumference in cm. You must first measure your head circumference before purchasing. To do this, take a flexible measuring tape. Place it at the back of the head at the widest point, guide it over the ears and hold it together about 1 to 2cm above your eyebrows. Read the circumference in cm and compare it with the size chart in the article description. Alternatively, you can determine the head circumference with a thread or a string: lay the thread in the same way around your head, then simply read the measured length with a ruler. 

Why are returns not free of shipping costs? 

We understand that sometimes a helmet doesn't fit or meet your expectations. Unfortunately, returns always mean a certain burden to the environment. Casco has been successfully committed to resource conservation and sustainability for years. We try to minimize truck transport routes and unnecessary packaging, so we do not offer free returns. But your right of withdrawal remains  the same, of course. Read  the terms of revocation here.